Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the vote on this project? A: Town Meeting approved funds in March 2023 for the study we’re currently doing. There will be two additional votes: one in Spring 2024 for further design work and cost estimating, and one in Spring 2025 to fund the actual repair work. See the timeline chart below. … Continued

Library Repair Project Summary

The Trustees of the Library and the Library Building Committee are currently working on a plan to repair and do some limited renovations to the library building. The library received a $9.4 million grant in the summer of 2022 from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners to renovate and expand the library on its existing … Continued

Planning and Design

The chart below reflects the proposed timeline for the Library Repair Project. Town input will be obtained in September 2023, February/March 2024 and February/March 2025 depending on Town Meeting dates. The following are Project Directories for the Library Repair Project. Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) Name Role Company Jon Lemieux PE, Principal Vertex Stephen Theran Project … Continued

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