Holiday Dessert Swap

Come and join the Cookbook Club for this special holiday edition! Bring your favorite holiday dessert to the library to share, swap and taste! Don’t forget to bring an empty container to bring home all the yummy desserts that will be shared this evening.

We need your feedback!

We would love your feedback on what you hope to receive from the Library Repair Project. What do you want changed? What updates do you feel are necessary? What factors should be considered when looking at repairs and designs? Please click on the link, and then click Next several times to begin the survey. Thank … Continued

Library Repair Project Summary

The Trustees of the Library and the Library Building Committee are currently working on a plan to repair and do some limited renovations to the library building. The library received a $9.4 million grant in the summer of 2022 from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners to renovate and expand the library on its existing … Continued

Planning and Design

THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND WILL BE WORKING SOON. Click on any button for more information on the Library Repair Project.

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