We have many interesting and useful items available to borrow at the Library of Things.  Need a power washer but don’t really need to purchase one? We have it for you to borrow!  We also have mobile hotspots, baking pans, outdoor games, a metal detector and so much more. 

Westborough residents now have the ability to reserve Library of Things items up to 8 weeks in advance (this includes hotspots!). The basic reserving guidelines are below. You can read the full Library of Things lending policy, here.

  • Library patrons can borrow an item from the Library of Things (including Hotspots) for a loan period of UP TO 2 weeks. Patrons do not have to reserve an item for the full 2 weeks.
  • Objects (including hotspots) can be booked 1 time per month. For instance, if you book a hotspot, you will not be able to book another one until the next month. 
  • Patrons are allowed 2 Library of Things reservations per month in total.
  • Hotspots are ONLY for Westborough residents.
  • Library of Things items, except for hotspots, may be lent to out-of-town patrons on a walk-in basis. If you live out of town, you will not be able to reserve the item in advance.

We will do our best to make sure that the item you have reserved is ready on time. Due to the nature of libraries, we cannot guarantee the person that has the item checked out before you will return it on time. If you take an item from the Library of Things, please be kind to the next person that has it reserved and return it by the end of your loan period.

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