Q: When is the vote on this project?

A: Town Meeting approved funds in March 2023 for the study we’re currently doing. There will be two additional votes: one in Spring 2024 for further design work and cost estimating, and one in Spring 2025 to fund the actual repair work. See the timeline chart below.

Q: Why are you doing another study? Didn’t you already do a study for the project that was voted down?

A: We are doing another study because this is a new project. The design team has a good understanding of the 1908 building, but the previous project did not include a study of the 1980 addition since it was planned to be demolished. Now that it will remain in place, the designers and engineers need to document the existing conditions and assess the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems along with the ways the space is used, to be able to create plans.

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