The library will be closing at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, June 18 and we will be closed on Wednesday, June 19.

Westborough Cultural Cruise

The Cultural Cruise is an exciting new program hosted by the Teen Zone. Talented teen volunteers will be teaching a series of basic world language introductory classes for kids in grades K-3. This 30 minute classes are designed to teach some basic vocabulary and interesting facts in a fun and engaging manner. There are over … Continued

Westborough Center for History and Culture

The Westborough Center for History and Culture at the Westborough Public Library celebrates, facilitates, and documents the life and culture of Westborough, MA. It is a place where residents can actively share the stories, memories, and cultural life of our town and contribute to preserving our collective understanding of what Westborough is all about. Every week, the Westborough Center … Continued

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