The library will be closing at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, June 18 and we will be closed on Wednesday, June 19.

The Westborough Center for History and Culture at the Westborough Public Library celebrates, facilitates, and documents the life and culture of Westborough, MA. It is a place where residents can actively share the stories, memories, and cultural life of our town and contribute to preserving our collective understanding of what Westborough is all about.

Every week, the Westborough Center publishes an online newsletter called Westborough History Pastimes  ( with activities and links that add to our understanding of Westborough and its history. To subscribe by e-mail, visit the Westborough Center’s website ( or click here and enter your email address in the “Subscribe to Westborough Center Blog Posts” section.

Also visit the Westborough Archive, the online portal to all of the Westborough Center’s archival collections.

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