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New cost estimates complete; Town Meeting vote scheduled

Project Summary

This page is now archived. Please see the Library Repair Project pages for the most current information.


The Trustees of the Library and the Library Building Committee are currently working on a plan to renovate and expand the library building.

A grant from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners has helped determine the best options to provide for the current and future needs of residents, looking at a 20-year planning horizon.

The Library Building Program is a document that describes the problems with the current building, in its present condition. It also anticipates new and future trends in library services, prepares for demographic shifts among age groups in Westborough, and proposes a renovation that allows for flexibility in the use of space well into the future.

The Construction Grant Application was submitted with all the supporting documents to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners on January 26, 2017. We were notified in July 2017 that our application was successful, and we were placed at #11 on a prioritized list for funds. Our provisional grant was awarded in July 2022. We now have six months to gain local approval of the project, and it is scheduled for consideration at the October 17,2022 fall Town Meeting.

The designers and construction manager released an updated cost estimate on September 12, 2022. Originally estimated at $24 million in 2016, inflation and pandemic-era cost issues have caused the project to increase in cost to about $36 million. You can find videos and links to supporting documents on the Building Project Updates page below.

The Library Building Committee typically meets the last Tuesday of the month at 3:30 pm at the Westborough Public Library. Agendas are posted on the Town calendar and on the Library Building Committee Google Drive.

Please read the documents and learn about the exciting work ahead. Printed copies are available by request from the Library Director, Maureen Amyot. Please contact her anytime with questions.

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