The Westborough Public Library was built in 1908 to serve a population of 5,400. The original 10,000 square foot building was renovated and expanded in 1980 to its current 20,000 square feet. Since 1980, Westborough’s population has increased 36%. Growth is currently in a “bubble,” which will peak in the 2020s and level off around 2035.

Realizing that the library needed to make some changes to meet the town’s increasing population, library trustees hired a consultant to conduct a needs assessment to begin planning for the future. The study revealed that the current building can no longer effectively accommodate the services, wishes, and needs of the community, nor will it be able to do so in the future. It shows the Library is undersized to serve its community as a thriving 21st century public library. It’s clear the Library needs either expansion or a new facility to adequately serve Westborough into the future.

The proposed project calls for demolition of the 1980 addition and a small portion of the rear of the 1908 building. A new 3-story addition would be added, starting 4 feet lower than the current addition, so that floors in both buildings would match. Highlights include a larger Teen Room, the addition of study rooms, a Children’s Room on the top floor, and major infrastructure improvements. The historic character of the building will be preserved and woven into the addition, since the library is a significant building in the West Main Street Historic District.

To learn more, click through the links below, or contact Maureen Amyot, Library Director,

Construction Grant Application (51 pages, pdf)

Alternate Site Investigation (31 pages, pdf)

Existing Parking Graphic (1 page, pdf)

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