Library users may make copies of, or request the Westborough Public Library (the “Library”) to reproduce, historical images and/or material under the following policy.

Anyone who copies or reproduces materials from the Library collection should be aware of Title 17 and especially the provisions of Section 108 of the U.S. Code (Copyright Law) and takes full responsibility for complying with it. A librarian can help point users to resources that can aid in determining a work’s copyright status. The responsibility for identifying and satisfying any claimants of copyright must be assumed by those wishing to reproduce the images or materials for publication in any form.

Library users may bring their own scanners or photographic equipment (including phone cameras) into the Westborough Room to make copies of images or materials. In some cases, materials may already be available in digital form through the Library website or digital repository, and a librarian can help users determine if they are.

Library users may photocopy materials from the Westborough Room, but must ask the permission of a librarian to remove any item from the Room in order to do so.

All requests for the Westborough Public Library to reproduce historical images and/or materials must be made by filling out the Reproduction Request Form for Historical Materials.  Forms are available from the Westborough Room of the Library or can be printed out online. Reproduction may take up to two weeks to complete after the form is received.

Library staff will scan the best quality image when making reproductions, but the final product is dependent upon the condition of the original. The Library staff does not edit or touch up images. 

The Library reserves the right to prohibit the photocopying or reproduction of historical images or materials if doing so will harm the original in any way.

The Library may refuse a request to reproduce images or materials, or may prohibit the copying of materials by library users, if doing so puts an undue burden on library staff or other library users in any way. 

The Library requests that a credit line that reads, “Courtesy of the Westborough Public Library, Westborough, Massachusetts” accompany images used in any publication, exhibition, or other public display, along with a link to the home page of the Westborough Public Library in the case of electronic publications.

The person requesting the reproduction agrees to hold the Westborough Public Library harmless from any and all claims and expenses arising from the use of the reproduction or copy.

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