The Westborough Public Library Board of Trustees is seeking applicants for a vacant seat on the library’s board. The Board of Selectmen will appoint a Trustee to serve from now until March 2021. Interested candidates are encouraged to review this document and express interest as described below.

Library’s Mission: The Westborough Public Library is dedicated to the promotion of lifelong learning, personal and professional enrichment, and a love of reading. The Board of Trustees and the library staff strive to ensure free, equal, and confidential access to all collections and informational services, to maintain the library building, and to anticipate and prepare for the future library needs in the Westborough community.
The Appointee: As we move closer to securing funding for an extensive renovation/addition, experience in construction projects and/or fundraising is desired, though overall we are seeking a Trustee candidate who will enthusiastically assist with policy development, financial management, local partnerships, and advocacy efforts.

Meeting Schedule: 4th Wednesday of each month 7PM-9PM (ending time varies)

Committees: Each Trustee is assigned a committee as the need arises. Meetings are infrequent, but important.

What is the role of a Library Trustee?
Trustees’ responsibilities are to work together to oversee the Library, establish policies and plans, determine the annual budget, conduct public relations activities on behalf of the library, and to plan for the future of the library. Duties are to attend and participate in all monthly board meetings, serve on committees assigned by the Board Chair, lend expertise and leadership to the board for the good of the library, help secure adequate municipal funding for the library, and participate in fundraising activities.
Information about the board, including meeting agendas, policies, and the strategic plan can be found at

Appointment timeline: The Board of Selectmen will appoint a replacement to fill this vacant position from now until the next Town Election in March of 2021.

This is a great opportunity to serve the community and experience the role of an elected official. There will be three seats on the ballot in the 2021 election. The appointee must run for one of these seats to be officially elected for the three year term.

Requirements: Must be a Westborough resident. Must be a registered voter.

For more information or to submit a letter of interest: Email the Library Board of Trustees at [email protected]

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