Westborough is now number 4 on the Wait List. The library expects to go to Town Meeting in fall 2020 to approve the project. In July 2017, the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners awarded Westborough a $9.4 million grant toward its proposed $21 million renovation/expansion project under the grant program.  

Since the current bond to fund projects has been depleted, the state has to pass a new bond bill to support the remaining projects. It could be another year before the Westborough Public Library moves to the top of the list – July 2020. 

Once approved there may be time to refine the building design, an opportunity to solicit final input from the public and a final round of cost estimating. A temporary library will be established and the bulk of the collection moved to storage. The 1980 portion of the building will be demolished and construction of the new section / renovation of the 1906 building will commence. Completion of the project, based on this scenario, is Fall 2027.

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