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Westborough Public Library
Tutoring Policy

The Westborough Public Library welcomes tutors and students. The Library recognizes the benefit to the students and parents of the community of permitting tutoring within the Library, however, the Library must manage its limited space and resources in a way that best serves the needs of all users.

The Westborough Public Library does not sponsor, recommend, or assume liability or responsibility for the work and/or activities of tutors who use library space. All arrangements must be made between the tutor, student, and parents.

The following procedures are intended to provide a balance between the use of the Library by tutors and their students, and the use of the Library by other members of the community.

The Meeting Room (lower level/near Children’s Department) is available for multiple tutors and their students, Monday-Friday from 2:30-5:30 p.m. unless a library program requires use of the space. All meeting room policies are applicable.

ONLY if the meeting room is over capacity or otherwise occupied, are tutors permitted to use designated tutor tables in the Children’s Department (for tutoring students under 12) or on the main floor (for students over 12 years, including adults).

No tutoring is allowed in the Teen Zone or (front) Reading Room.

Tutors and students must be conscious of and not be disruptive to other library patrons.

Parents must adhere to the Library’s Safe Child Policy (by remaining in the library building during tutor sessions for children 12 and under).

The Library reserves the right to restrict or ban tutoring at any time without prior notice if space resources are monopolized or if such activities interfere with the use of the Library by others.

Revised 02/2019

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