Image of houses with stars in their windows.
About the Star Search Community Scavenger Hunt:

The Kids’ Department is looking for your help in creating a community-wide scavenger hunt for families during December!

We are looking for those young AND those young-at-heart to help us by displaying a star in a window for our kids to spot with their families. We hope that many community members will help us create this scavenger hunt by displaying a star. You do not need to have children or go on the scavenger hunt yourself to help us have many stars for kids to spot around town. Local businesses are also very welcome to display a star in their window. You are very welcome to decorate your star, but it’s not required to help us by displaying a star.

How to Get a Star to Display:

Pre-cut stars will be available outside the library starting November 20th as supplies last. Stars can also be downloaded, printed, and cut out at home by clicking here. 

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